Database Consolidation

Database Consolidation

Today’s enterprise software license agreements (ESLAs) place the responsibility for compliance squarely on the customer, not the vendor. ESLAs can be complex, ambiguous, and loaded with hidden risks. Violating the terms and conditions of the ESLA can incur substantial penalties and costs.

FedCentric offers a comprehensive approach to managing the risks and costs of ESLAs, and can help customers ensure their compliance, by following 3 simple steps:

1. A license analysis, namely what the enterprise software license agreement entitles customers to use (i.e. “contractuals”).

2. An analysis of the actual use by users, servers, clients, VMs, and other metrics used in the ESLA (i.e. “actuals”).

3. A compliance assessment, which compares “contractuals” to “actuals”.

The compliance assessment quantifies any differences between the ESLA and the customer’s actual use, and the risk associated with these differences. FedCentric then provides a set of optimization options for customers to consider, including database consolidation, which can help reduce unneeded licensable core, and therefore cost.

Utilizing the resources of FedCentric Labs, FedCentric has developed significant expertise in the area of database consolidation using Oracle 12c Multitenant Option.

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