FedCentric Labs


The lab is a combination of HPC hardware, seasoned engineers, and domain specialists. FedCentric has two High Performance Computers (HPC) in its Minneapolis lab as well as state of the art computer, network, storage, and cyber gear from leading vendors. The lab is where software, hardware, and integrated solutions are put to the test before being recommended to customers. 


FCL has teamed up with Government agencies, National Labs, and Fortune 100 companies to test hardware, software, and platforms for applicability to a variety of HPDA problems.  Customers benefit from this rich experience by starting closer to the goal because of lessons learned.


FedCentric Laboratory boasts the latest in scale up supercomputing technologies. Those looking for the opportunity to test software, validate algorithms, or run an experiment, you need to look no further. Our specifications include:

  • SGI UV2000 w/ 8TB RAM and 256 Core
  • SGI UV300 w/ 12TB RAM and 192 Core
  • Multiple 16 Lane PCIE per chassis n NVIDIA 8 K40’s / 8 K80’s
  • Magma Chassis (Qty 5)
  • 2 Phi Coprocessors 7120P n 14 PCIE Model 910 SSDs n 4 DC P3700 SSD’s
  • SANdisk / Fusion IO 50TB Total SSD n 300 TB HDD
  • 48 Port Brocade
  • Arista 10G Ethernet 24 Port

With our seasoned experts in High Performance Computing, we can test your application. At FedCentric Labs, we give you the capability to test your solutions on our Scale-Up UV Platforms. Our commitment is to give you data points, not PowerPoints.